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2 Luxury Villas Puglia to rent

Rent a luxury villa in Puglia that fits you perfectly. We offer a wide selection of rentals to all tastes and preferences in different areas of the region. All the properties enjoy our complimentary concierge services to make your vacation truly unforgettable.
Puglia is an absolutely charming region of Italy that has been kept in secret from tourists for a long time in a totally incomprehensible way. People all over the world were travelling to different parts of the country discovering the countryside and the majestic cities but somehow they kept away from Puglia. The question is how could someone avoid these pristine beaches, fantastic landscapes, fascinating osterias with delicious dishes, outstanding masserias and fairy-tale trulli? It is almost a rhetorical question that has no answer. However, being kept off the beaten track also brought an advantage permitting this part of Italy to keep its natural beauty without massive construction and massive tourism.
Washed by the Adriatic sea to the east, Ionian Sea to the southeast, strait of Otranto and Gulf of Taranto to the South and covering a vast karst plateau, Itria Valley and Gargano promontory to the north, Puglia is the least mountainous region of Italy and enjoys wonderful Mediterranean climate that makes it a great tourist destination throughout the year. Being one of the richest archeological areas of Italy, Puglia is the place to be for those interested in the ancient Greek settlements and Mycenaean history and art.
Also, occupying the high heel of the Italian boot, Puglia is a renowned culinary paradise offering mouth-watering mozzarella and creamy burrata, home-made Altamura bread and sun-dried tomatoes. The most important thing you have to stick to when travelling there is that you cannot be on diet, because you will fail. You do not eat bread or pasta? Sorry, it will not work when you find out what the classic orecchiette with broccoli is, the whole plate will disappear inexplicably. For those looking for more special experience, there is the spicy Caciocavallo cheese with a very concentrated flavour and palatable turcenelle stuffed with lamb organ meats.

Where should I rent luxury villa in Puglia?

This is another oratorical question. The answer will depend on what kind of holidays you are looking for. Once again, the region has lots of gorgeous areas to visit, so the best would be to find a good travel base and move around from there. Puglia offers a good band of luxury properties for rent. You will find modern villas and renovated masserias, or farmhouses, there. If you are looking for a more particular experience, there are traditional dry stone huts with conical roofs called trulli.
When talking about the areas, you shall check Bari and its surroundings, the capital of the area, known since the ancient times. The famous dramatic cliffs of Polignano a Mare that everybody always sees in the pictures is located just around 40 km away from Bari.
Do not miss Lecce and Otranto, the main cities of Salentine Peninsula. Do not forget to bring your best outfits because aperitivo italiano requires being properly dressed.
Finally, look around Brindisi and the unforgettable Gargano with its unbelievable Foresta Umbra national park and sanctuary of Monte Sant´Angelo.

When should I visit Puglia?
The best time to visit Puglia is spring, early summer and autumn before it gets too hot and busy. August sometimes is pretty well booked because the people from Italy like to go to Puglia to spend their vacation. The temperature in July and August can reach 30C, while May, June and September tend to be around 20C.

Top things to do in Puglia
The best thing to do in the area is to enjoy sun, sea and beaches. Do not forget to ahve an ice-cream after beach. Did you know Italian ice-cream is the best?
Try local food in small homey restaurants. If you are lucky enough, you might catch some local musician playing some instrument while eating there with the villagers singing. Alternatively, invite an Italian chef to your villa.
Try to make pasta yourself with one of the pasta workshops. Take a bike tour around Bari. Enjoy a boat tour around Polignano a Mare caves or rent a luxury yacht and go along the coast.
Walk around the small charming towns, visit the national parks great for hiking, especially Foresta Umbra national park with old high trees. Enjoy a trekking adventure, for instance, around Otranto.
We know you will definitely come back to Puglia.

6 Habitaciones2 Bathrooms6 Personas350
Puglia Trulli Deluxe

Terrace, Parking, Pool, Daily Cleaning, Concierge, Seaside

La villa está situada en una tranquila zona rural entre Locorotondo y Cisternino , dos de las ciudades más fascinantes de Italia . El complejo tiene capacidad para 4 personas en 2 grandes suites con una cama doble , más 2 personas más en un sofá cama en una sala de estar grande. Situado en un...

La villa está situada en una tranquila zona rural entre Locorotondo y Cisternino , dos de las ciudades más fascinantes de Italia . El complejo tiene capacidad para 4 personas en 2 grandes suites con una cama doble ,...

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